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Purchase Ansomone Online

Purchase Ansomone Online



Purchase Ansomone Online

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Results of the regular use of the drug:
Growth hormone deficiency is compensated;
Activates the synthesis of immune globin;
Accelerates protein synthesis in the body;
Enhances the healing process of damaged skin and organs;
Balances nitrogen during surgery;
A more rapid healing of mechanical damage;
Accelerated cardiocytes synthesis;
Helps in repairs, stimulation and the proliferation of damaged cells
Regulated cardiac function and renal function in adult patients;
Improves contractile ability of the heart while reducing the use of oxygen of the heart;
Plays a role in the regulation of fat metabolism.
Increases immunity.
The packaging should be sealed with a label depicting ANKEBIO logo. Check its presence.

At the lower layer of the label should be placed a registration code of 17 digits. To verify its presence, you need to carefully separate the top layer of the label.

In itself this is not a sign authenticity of the drug.

Drug Description
Ansomone is a synthetic human growth hormone.

Buy ansomone online | ansomone for sale | ansomone

Ansomone Composition
1 vial contains:
Active substance: Human Growth Hormone 10 IU.

Therapeutic Indication
– Bad mood,
-oppressed condition,
– In case of poor creative and intellectual abilities.
– In case of reduced energy.
– a person with a poor immune system.
– When you have poor fat burning.
– If a person wants to build muscle tissue itself.
– To enhance sexual desire.
– For strengthening joints.
– To speed up the healing of wounds of various origins (operating, burns, trauma).
How to Use Ansomone
Many do not know how to use Ansomone. First, the drug should be prepared. To do this, introduce into the vial 1 ml of water for injection. Then by a smooth rotary motion is necessary to spin the bottle and rotate it until such time as the drug is completely dissolved. It is forbidden to sharply shake the bottle.

Methods of injecting Ansomone
There are two options for injecting the solution. First, the free hand should gather the skin on the stomach so as to obtain a fold, and in it smoothly enter the syringe at an angle.

The second way – injecting directly into the muscle. This option is for experienced athletes.

In any case injection is not necessary to produce continuously at one and the same place.

Buy ansomone online | ansomone for sale | ansomone

Dosage (Men)
Duration of treatment is 14 days.

Athletes who want to build muscle should enter from 5 to 10 IU. Course duration for them should not exceed 3 months.

Injections with this drug are made 1 time a day, in the evening before bedtime.

Dosage (Women)
2 IU per day.

Active Life
Varies by injection method.

Ansomone Side Effects
For boys and girls, Ansomone side effects can cause the following:tingling in the body, swelling at the injection site, pain in the joints.Buy ansomone online | ansomone for sale | ansomone

Cycle Example 1 (Ansomone + HGH Fragment 176-191)
Example of twelve week cycle on a set of lean muscle mass with a powerful fat-burning effect and the use of Ansomone growth hormone and peptide HGH Fragment 176-191. This cycle is designed for those who want to “dry up”, remove excess of fat. Ideal for beginners and people who simply are leading an active lifestyle. This cycle is designed for twelve weeks and is suitable for all who wish to gain a beautiful and correct form. Ansomone in the recommended dosage for this cycle has a powerful effect on the body fat.


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