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Pharmaceutical Mission Statements

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Pharmaceutical Mission Statements

As a company we actively promote advances in medical innovation and the internationalization of our products.  In doing so we apply our “four boosts” principle: continuous review and enhancements to the standards for production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, product branding, specialization of varieties and integration of production research.

The company has evolved from a basic export and trade partner into an initiator of strategic alliances with international organizations,a company that synchronizes independent research and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and preparations, as well as participating in joint R&D innovation.

We believe that R&D is the basis of enterprise development and we accelerate implementation of innovative projects and strategies. Our annual ratio of technological innovations to sales revenue is around 3%.  We have established a pharmaceutical preparation R&D center with first-class facilities with the capacity to innovate and develop chemical drugs and biological medicines.  So far, we have acquired 30 domestic and international patents.


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